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Journey To The Self



Intuitive Life Coaching

Learn how to create the life you desire through guided self-discovery and Law of Attraction techniques.  

Intuitive Readings 

Receive intuitive guidance, support, and messages from spirit guides and departed loved ones.

Intuitive Reiki

Reiki energy healing combined with intuitive messages from spirit guides and departed loved ones.  

 Linda can help you to:


  • Discover your life purpose.

  • Bring balance back into your life.

  • Attract the job or life partner that you desire.  

  • Change negative patterns in your life that are holding you back from achieving what you desire. 

  • Manifest abundance in all areas of your life.

  • Enjoy physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing.  

  • Create a peaceful existence and loving relationships.

  • Focus on the love and light within yourself and others.

Manifest the life you've always imagined. If you can picture it, you can create it!

"Linda is a flow of divine love. Her heart radiates it and her words speak it. You will be touched, moved and connected to your inner knowing just by being in her presence." -S.P. 



Contact Linda:


Telephone:  484-904-9268


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