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Life Coaching Testimonials

"My coaching sessions with Linda Harbaugh were an exceptional experience. She is remarkably intuitive and compassionate, a truly kind and caring professional. My work with Linda has improved my ability to create and live a life of greater passion, purpose, and impact. I recommend her most highly. She helped me see possibilities, inspired new ideas, and helped me move forward on both my life and spiritual paths." -N.F.



"Linda is a wonderful life coach; she draws out what is deep within you in a very soothing way. She helped me to see clearly things that I have been grappling with for years. Her technique gently guided me to look deep within myself to find answers to questions, my passions and deal with fears that have been holding me back. It feels like shackles have been removed and I can finally move forward." -T.W.



"Linda helped me to identify blocks in my consciousness that prevent me from fully stepping into my current identity. Linda is a flow of divine love. Her heart radiates it and her words speak it. You will be touched, moved, and connected to your inner knowing just by being in her presence." -S.P. 

Contact Linda:


Telephone:  484-904-9268

Learn how Linda has helped others to discover their inner selves, their  purpose, and their desired life the clients' own words:  

Intuitive Reading Testimonials

"I enjoyed Linda's reading, and it was great to receive her messages! She is truly talented. I was so excited after her reading that I called my family to share with them. It was amazing how quickly she picked up accurate information during the reading. If I know of anyone looking for a reading with a true medium, I will recommend her!" -S.W.



"I had a reading with Linda. It was during a challenging time in my life. She was highly accurate  with what she told me. One thing that she said to me, brought about a strong confirmation, so I knew on an inner level that it was true. It felt like God worked through Linda, to speak to me and guide me." - S.B. 


​"Linda makes a caring connection with the person she's reading for. She took the time to make sure I understood the messages she was delivering, and to answer my (many) questions. We touched on several life areas during the reading, and I found Linda's insights enlightening. A few were obviously true during the reading, and some unfolded afterward. I certainly would recommend Linda, not only for her intuitive abilities, but also for her integrity." - J.D.


Intuitive Reiki Testimonials

"This was my first experience with Intuitive Reiki and it was really incredible. Linda has a very calm, loving way in her practice. The session was like a spiritual massage and I felt a heaviness lifted from my heart. Linda explained everything to me about where I had blockages and what she did to remove them. She also conveyed messages from my loved ones and spirit guides which was so comforting and enlightening. I'd highly recommend the Intuitive Reiki Session with Linda, you will love it!" - T.W.



"It has been a pleasure coming to Linda for Reiki sessions over the last four months. She helped me to clear my sadness, disappointments and even injuries that I have endured from  a running accident and over-usage of muscles being exercised. I never understood what reiki could do for you. It is an amazing feeling to lay on Linda's table and allow her talented hands to work on me while she meditates and sees my loved ones who have passed on.  I look forward to every session with Linda. I highly recommend trying a session of Reiki and learning how this type of treatment is good for your mind, body and soul. It even helped me in weight loss due to menopause. The investment is worth it because Linda gives you her undivided attention , and her beauty, kind heart and aura are mesmerizing. I absolutely love her. " - M.G.

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