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Heal Yourself and Your Life with the Law

This three-hour workshop is designed for participants to learn about the law of attraction, how it works and how it can bring positive change into their lives. The workshop explores how this law can speed up the process of moving toward one's desired destination, be it a relationship, health, career or prosperity goal. Students will walk away with a variety of techniques that can be used in daily life to help manifest their dreams.

Space is limited so reserve your spot now! Registration fee is $60.

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"It was great to know Linda through her Law of Attraction workshop. She came across as a very genuine person. She had great knowledge about the course. She did a great job in explaining things and let us do the worksheets in the class itself. Her handouts are very interesting and up to the point. I learnt a lot in the class. Class was interactive and everybody got a fair chance to talk. I would definitely recommend her to my friends."  -DI 

"Linda is a great teacher; the class was very informative and helpful. There was a great energy and everyone participated (if they wanted). We worked on what we desired in this life (i.e. to travel, to be more assertive) and how to bring this to fruition. I've been working on the techniques and doors are already opening in the areas that I'm working on. It works! I'm looking forward to more classes held by Journey to the Self; it is time well spent." - TW

"Linda's workshop was very organized, informative and she was very willing to answer any questions we had. Linda's grace and presence alone raised the vibration in the room. I would highly recommend this Workshop to help you manifest your desires and improve your life - after all it is our birthright to be happy!" - MM   





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